CT48861 Sweta

Gender : Female, Age : 23 Yrs

Experience : 2-3 Years

Qualification : Masters in Science

About Me :
My name is Sweta, I live in Vasai, I have completed Bachelors in Science specialised in Biology in Botany Zoology from St Xavier's college Fort and also have completed Masters in Science in Oceanography and Fishery Science under Biology. I am also fluent in English Hindi and Marathi. I scored second for Hindi language in my 10th boards.

My Tutoring Level

Classes Groups Subjects
LKG, UKG,1st-Class,2nd-Class,3rd-Class,4th-Class,5th-Class Science, Languages, General Science, Environmental Science, Computers,Mathematics,English, Hindi, Marathi,Social Studies, Phonics And Writing, Home/Project Works
8th-Class,7th-Class,9th-Class,6th-Class,10th-Class Science, Languages, General,Commerce Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Computers,English, Hindi, Marathi,Home/Project Works, Social Studies, Geography, Histroy, Economics, Business Studies, Civics
11th-Class, 12th-Class Science, Languages, General Biology,English, Hindi, Psychology, Geography, History,Psychology
Bachelor of Science General, Languages, Science Ecology, Geology, Oceanography,Statistics,English, Hindi,Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology
Indian Languages,Foreign-Language Speak, Reading, Writing Basic Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level,Basic Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level,Basic Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level

My Timings / Schedule

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Week Days 5:00 AM to  Available 12:00 PM to  Available  Not Available
Weekends 5:00 AM to  Available 12:00 PM to  Available  Not Available

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