CT47907 - verified-icon
Last Login : 26-05-20
Female, Age: 26
4-5 Years Exp.
Qualification MBA
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Afternoon/Evening/Morning
Tutoring Levels KG-V,VI-X,XI-XII, Degree,Computer Courses
@TutorHome Padmaraonagar - 500025,Hyderabad
@StudentHome Himayathnagar-500029, Narayanguda-500029,Padmaraonagar-500025
Description :
Im Dhanu, present looking for part time teaching job. I have good experience in teaching. Im preparing for Government exams.
CT47836 - verified-icon
Last Login : 05-03-20
Male, Age: 25
Fresher Exp.
Qualification B.Tech(EE)
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi
Timings Evening/Morning
Tutoring Levels VI-X
@StudentHome Himayathnagar-500029,Padmaraonagar-500025,Kavadiguda-500080
Description :
I am a Btech Graduate and I am good at Mathematics and Social studies.
CT47789 - verified-icon
Last Login : 29-02-20
Male, Age: 27
5-6 Years Exp.
Qualification MA ENGLISH
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels Languages
@StudentHome Narayanguda-500029,Padmaraonagar-500025, Musheerabad-500020
@ Online : Via Skype / Other Online Tools
Description :
Type pvpd sri harsha on Google YouTube and Amazon
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Last Login : 26-02-20
Female, Age: 52
20+ Years Exp.
Qualification M.Sc (Zoology) B.Ed
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Evening
Tutoring Levels XI-XII,Entrance exams
@StudentHome Ramnagar-500020
Description :
I was in teaching field for 25 yrs. since 1999 till 2017. Due to personal reasons, there was a break in my professional life. Apart from Biology expert for CBSE class 11 and 12 students, I am capable for giving medical exam coaching and STUDENT COUNS more ......
CT47740 - verified-icon
Last Login : 18-02-20
Male, Age: 21
1-2 Years Exp.
Qualification BBA
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels KG-V
@StudentHome Chikkadpally-500020, Gandhinagar-500020, Ramnagar-500020
Description :
I have been working as tutor from last one year and I'm superb at teaching mathematics, science, English, Social, Evs,General Knowledge and telugu.
CT47661 - verified-icon
Last Login : 10-02-20
Male, Age: 34
1-2 Years Exp.
Qualification M.A
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Evening/Morning
Tutoring Levels VI-X
@StudentHome Padmaraonagar-500025, Gandhinagar-500020, Musheerabad-500020
Description :
Tutoring student by observing his calibre and motivate him to use full of his strength
CT47634 - verified-icon
Last Login : 06-02-20
Male, Age: 24
Fresher Exp.
Qualification Btech from SNIST
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII
@StudentHome Chikkadpally-500020, Gandhinagar-500020
Description :
I love teaching mathematics.Iam very much interested in teaching students who are suffering to master mathematics which is the base for future.
CT47622 - verified-icon
Last Login : 13-02-20
Female, Age: 20
Fresher Exp.
Qualification BA - HPP
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Afternoon/Evening
Tutoring Levels KG-V,VI-X,Languages
@TutorHome Nallakunta - 500044,Hyderabad
@StudentHome Nallakunta-500044, Vidyanagar-500044, Narayanguda-500029
Description :
I've completed my graduation and I'm preparing for bank exams. As I'm not yet eligible to appear for the exams because of age constraints, I wanted to teach students as I'm good at teaching and also can control children.
CT47605 - verified-icon
Last Login : 04-02-20
Male, Age: 29
7-8 Years Exp.
Qualification M.sc
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,English
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels XI-XII
@StudentHome Narayanguda-500029
Description :
I'm a good teacher
CT47595 - verified-icon
Last Login : 04-02-20
Male, Age: 23
1-6 Months Exp.
Qualification B.Tech
Speak Languages Telugu,English
Timings Morning
Tutoring Levels KG-V,VI-X,XI-XII,Engineering,Computer Courses
@StudentHome Chikkadpally-500020, Musheerabad-500020
Description :
I want to show my knowledge
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