CT53085 - verified-icon
Last Login : 25-08-21
Female, Age: 28
5-6 Years Exp.
Qualification MBA
Speak Languages Hindi,English
Timings Afternoon
Tutoring Levels KG-V,VI-X,XI-XII,Entrance exams
@TutorHome Electroniccity - 560100,Bangalore
@StudentHome Electroniccity-560100
Description :
I am looking forward to teach students from grade 1st to 12th of this society as a tuition tutor and mentor. I have done Engineering in Electronics and Communication from one of the elite college of Delhi and is currently working as a Financial Anal more ......
CT52416 - verified-icon
Last Login : 29-03-21
Male, Age: 40
15+ Years Exp.
Qualification MS in Physics
Speak Languages English
Timings Afternoon/Evening
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII
@StudentHome Bannerughatta-560076
Description :
Teaching physics over 15 years.
CT51633 - verified-icon
Last Login : 27-11-20
Male, Age: 40
10+ Years Exp.
Qualification M.Sc (Zoology)
Speak Languages Hindi,Kannada,English
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels XI-XII,Entrance exams
@StudentHome Bommasandra-560100, Parappana agrahara-560068,Sarjapur-562125
Description :
Dedicated teaching. Strict Time management. Syllabus completion in time. Moral support for the student also will be given.
CT50732 - verified-icon
Last Login : 17-10-20
Male, Age: 23
1-2 Years Exp.
Qualification Bachelor of Engineering
Speak Languages Hindi
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII
@StudentHome Doddathoguru-560100,Hommadevanahalli-560083,Akshayanagar-560068
Description :
I am to teach students and students will be satisfied.
CT49141 - verified-icon
Last Login : 24-07-20
Female, Age: 33
3-4 Years Exp.
Qualification Chartered Accountant
Speak Languages Hindi,English
Timings Morning
Tutoring Levels XI-XII, Degree,Entrance exams,Financial courses
@TutorHome Parappana agrahara - 560068,Bangalore
@ Online : Via Skype / Other Online Tools
Description :
Chartered accountant by profession had beentaking commerce classes, student goal setting & progress monitoring , compilation notes for students after research, classroom coordination,giving practical examples from industry which helps students to un more ......
CT47797 - verified-icon
Last Login : 05-03-20
Male, Age: 34
9-10 Years Exp.
Qualification M.Tech
Speak Languages Telugu,Kannada,English
Timings Evening/Morning
Tutoring Levels XI-XII, Degree,Engineering
@StudentHome Doddanagamangala-560100, Parappana agrahara-560068,Electroniccity-560100
Description :
My greatest passion in life is teaching. Now I am working at Amrita University in Bengaluru. I have experience in tutoring also.
CT47560 - verified-icon
Last Login : 31-01-20
Male, Age: 20
1-6 Months Exp.
Qualification Bsc
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,Tamil,Kannada,English
Timings Evening/Afternoon
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII
@StudentHome Bommasandra-560100,Sarjapur-562125,Electroniccity-560100
@ Online : Via Skype / Other Online Tools
Description :
Great interest in research and studies lead me to the lectures and teachings in the events and seminars. I have good knowledge of science subjects like biology and chemistry in which i am pursuing my research. teaching is a best quality in which i h more ......
CT47093 - verified-icon
Last Login : 29-11-19
Male, Age: 23
1-6 Months Exp.
Qualification Chartered Accountancy
Speak Languages Hindi,English,Bengali
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels XI-XII, Degree,Financial courses,Management courses
@StudentHome Electroniccity-560100
Description :
I am a qualified Chartered Accountant & B.Com (Hons). I have keen passion to teach the commerce subjects and spread the knowledge acquired by me through my academic and professional experience. I like to guide students in their future career and help more ......
CT45219 - verified-icon
Last Login : 15-06-19
Male, Age: 25
2-3 Years Exp.
Qualification Msc organic chemistry
Speak Languages Telugu,Kannada
Timings Morning/Evening
Tutoring Levels XI-XII, Degree
@StudentHome Electroniccity-560100
Description :
Faculty and scientist
CT45172 - verified-icon
Last Login : 13-06-19
Male, Age: 50
1-6 Months Exp.
Qualification BE Civil
Speak Languages Telugu,Hindi,Kannada,English
Timings Morning
Tutoring Levels VI-X,XI-XII,Entrance exams
@TutorHome Bommanahalli - 560068,Bangalore
@StudentHome Bommasandra-560100,Akshayanagar-560068,Electroniccity-560100
Description :
Passion for teaching
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